ShowMe Announces New Partnership With Metacraft

2 min readApr 7, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that ShowMe and Metacraft have reached a partnership. Metacraft is a Metaverse protocol based on Minecraft. The cooperation with Metacraft will be the beginning of ShowMe’s layout in the GameFi field.

During this cooperation, ShowMe will provide Metacraft with an NFT Lucky Draw Event Tool to help Meatacraft onboard players more accurately and increase the real users of the game.

As Hogwarts Labs’ first Web3 social application, ShowMe will be based on the PONA (Proof of NFT achievements) function to make tasks much more interesting and gamified.

Starting from NFT skin airdrop event, Metacraft will try to define the skin NFT protocol. Make it the first on-chain asset of the Minecraft ecosystem.

Both parties will jointly explore the boundaries of Web3 social application in the metaverse, and will also empower ShowMe’s NFT holders to bring more application scenarios to users.

About ShowMe

ShowMe is a subscription NFT social network built on Web3.0 that supports creators to set a variety of subscription methods for entering the Club. In the long run, ShowMe expects to serve creators through excellent products to benefit users by returning data ownership to users.

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About Matacraft

Metacraft is a Metaverse protocol based on Minecraft. Make Minecraft connected to the blockchain, making it a truly decentralized metaverse by developing asset protocols.Eventually extend the protocol into a general metaverse protocol.