NFT Badge Giveaway for Beta Version Explorers

4 min readDec 4, 2021

Introducing ShowMe: A NFT subscription social network based on Web3.0.

ShowMe is an NFT subscription social network based on Web3.0. The core function modules are subscription and PONA (Proof of NFT Achievements, NFT Achievements). Subscriptions allow creators to flexibly set a variety of subscription methods in order for a user to enter the Club this includs free, paid, the holding of NFTs and Token subscription.

With the Web 3.0 innovation and the exponential growth of data on chain, the assetization of data will bring greater paradigm innovation.

Data assetization means that all kinds of data generated by users on the chain will be NFTized, and users will be able to completely determine the purpose of their data, such as whether to authorize more Web 3.0 applications to use data. This change, we call it DataFi (Data Finance)

What ShowMe will do is give back the ownership of data, the most important thing of Web 3.0, to users. So that users can fully obtain the benefits by staking their own data.

Open Beta Giveaway

ShowMe will release the official version in December. In order to let more people know about ShowMe and to reward early supporters, this test event will be held before the official version goes live.

Starting Time: December 5, 08:00 UTC

Ending Time: December 15, 08:00 UTC

Rewards: For users who support us early, ShowMe will issue badges to test users as proof of contribution.

How to get rewards?

Complete the entries in Gleam and create or join at least one club in ShowMe. The badge will be claimed on the ShowMe website.

👉 Gleam Portal:

P.S. The level of badges you get does not depend on your entries, but on the number of clubs you created or joined.

What can badges do?

Who knows? maybe it can be used to receive airdrops in the future.

But what is certain is that the badge will be displayed on your profile as a proof of achievement, as well as a unique Discord role.

The Beta version of ShowMe supports the following features

  • Support anyone to create and join the club
  • Customize your Club membership card, the membership card will be displayed as NFT on Opensea, which can be traded and transferred
  • Edit your Club, such as: club Logo, club name, cover image, club introduction and add links
  • The creator can post text and emoji in the club
  • Club members can like and comment on posts posted by the creator
  • Edit profile, including name and avatar

Notice: This event is open to the public, and all data will be cleared after the official version is released.

You can submit your suggestions and bugs to us so that we can make improvements. Your feedbacks will help us improve!

Suggestions through here ⬇️

Guide to get started

Step 1: Visit ShowMe official website

Step 2: Connect your MetaMask wallet to ShowMe application.

Step 3: Go to the Profile page, edit your profile and add links to your social media.

Step 4: Click the Create button to create your first Club.

One thing to note: only one club can be created by each address on each chain.

Step 5: Fill in the club information, then the next step.

Step 6: Complete subscription settings, here are 4 subscription methods for you to choose.

Step 7: Design your membership card.

Step 8: Create now and wait a minute, your club will show up.

Welcome to join ShowMe Official Club:

ShowMe: Bridge Web 2.0 to Web 3.0!